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SafeHouse ensures that each youth victim is offered comprehensive case management services

These services include the following elements:

1) Appropriate intake/interview and assessment,
2) Shelter/housing and basic needs,
3) Medical and dental,
4) Mental health,
5) Interpreter/translator services,
6) Immigration and civil legal services,
7) Assistance in receiving “certification”,
8) Victim advocacy,
9) Literacy, education, job training, life skills training, and
10) 24-hour response to youth in crisis

SafeHouse provides emergency shelter, counseling and case management to all youth victims under the age of 18 in Riverside County. Our dedicated and highly trained staff recognizes that victims do not become survivors overnight and diligently works to move them from “victim” to “survivor” oftentimes up to 2-4 years of services are needed for victims to become self-sufficient.

Our philosophy is to bridge the gap of awareness in regards to human trafficking; to establish a common ground of information and knowledge on the issue in order to prevent future cases, identify victims, equip our jury pool, and increase the knowledge and tools to equip the community, service providers, legal, and law enforcement.

Since 2010, SafeHouse has provided the community with quarterly Protect and Prevent meetings held in different locations throughout the county in order to educate local non-profits, service providers, and community leaders on how to identify and report trafficking in their area. SafeHouse also provides youth in our emergency shelters with HT 101 in order to educate them on the dangers of social media, life on the streets, and how to report trafficking if they are approached. 

In 2018, SafeHouse established a partnership with Rebirth Homes who now provides support for adult victims of labor and sexual trafficking. If you are over the age of 18 and need assistance, please contact the staff at Rebirth Homes.

Together with community support, we provide emergency and long-term shelter, intervention and outreach services to runaway, homeless, exploited, and other youth in crisis. SafeHouse serves as co-chair of the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking task force ensuring comprehensive care to all trafficking victims – minors and adults, domestic and foreign nationals.

Our goal is to restore dignity to trafficking victims.

Victims range in their needs of being great to small, recognizing that each victim is unique. Some of the services that victims receive are: shelter and housing, food, clothing, medical, dental, mental health, interpreter services, immigration and civil legal services, victim advocacy, literacy, education, job training, life skills training, and 24-hour evening and weekend response.

You can ensure that these crucial, on-call, crisis intervention and intensive case management services continue for victims by donating to Operation SafeHouse. Contact Operation SafeHouse to find out exact needs victims are facing and how you can help ensure a positive outcome for their new start.