Planting the Seed

We realize teens today are facing enormous challenges. It seems as though there’s never been a more difficult time to grow up. So many teens are dealing with issues relating to substance use/abuse. Many have begun to “experiment,” others already have serious addiction problems.

Operation SafeHouse’s Substance Abuse Program helps teens address these issues in a safe and secure environment. It’s tailored specifically to the issues that are experienced as a result of drug and alcohol use/abuse. Teens are admitted to our Emergency Shelter Program in Thousand Palms and participate in the program just like every other client—but they get something extra. They get special attention to help them work through their substance abuse issues.

Some of the additional services teens in our Substance Abuse Program receive are:

  •  Daily AA/NA meetings.
  • Individual counseling designed to address their substance abuse issues.
  • Group therapy sessions where they get a chance to discuss their struggles with their peers.
  • Family Counseling that helps their family learn to support their efforts toward recovery.

For more information about our Substance Abuse Program, please call:
Shawn Johnson
(760) 343-3211