There is a Safe Place in Riverside for Youth in Crisis !

Project SafePlace is a national program designed to partner local youth shelters with community businesses.

In March 2000, Project SafePlace joined with the Riverside Transit Agency to provide 114 mobile SafePlace sites in and around Riverside. RTA has designated all fixed route buses as mobile “SafePlace” sites. There are currently 225 sites in the County of Riverside. The program, entitled “Ride To Safety”, provides youth in crisis with quick and safe transportation to Operation SafeHouse. SafeHouse enjoys partnerships with several businesses and corporations. We are excited to have the Riverside Plaza join us as our newest SafePlace site.

In 2008, Project Safe Place joined with Sunline Transit Agency to provide 54 mobile SafePlace sites which cover much of the Coachella Valley in Eastern Riverside County.

A strategically placed black and yellow sign identifies SafePlace sites. A child can access the business and seek assistance. Employees of SafePlace sites are instructed to contact the shelter staff (Operation SafeHouse) for intervention, assistance, and services. SafePlace provides a valuable resource to the community by making available safe and secure places for youth who are in trouble. A unique feature of the program is that it is a collaborative effort between public and private sectors coming together for one special goal – keeping children safe.