How can I get my child into your program?
In Riverside, call (951) 351-4418 or in the Coachella Valley, call (760) 343-3211. Tell the person who answers the phone that you want to set up an intake assessment.

How much does your program cost?
Operation SafeHouse is a private, non-profit organization and is able to help families in crisis through generous donations from public and private sources. No one is ever turned away due to lack of ability or willingness to pay.

How long will my child be there?
That depends on the types of issues that are being addressed. Generally, our Emergency Shelter Program lasts 21 days.

What happens after my child leaves the program?
Operation SafeHouse is committed to helping you make real change. We know that three weeks is only a start to putting broken families back together. That’s why we’re here for youth and their families long after they’ve left our Emergency Shelter Program. We offer aftercare, parenting classes and family counseling to all families who go through our program. We want to see you succeed and we’re here to support you, every step of the way.

Am I required to participate in services?
While parent participation is not a requirement of our program, it is highly encouraged. Often, the issues teens are facing include not only themselves but also their families, friends, schools and communities. Our program is more effective if all members of the family are involved.

What if my child is not accepted into your program?
While this doesn’t happen often, there are cases in which the issues a child is dealing with are more than we are equipped to handle. If it is determined that your child is inappropriate for our program, we will provide you with referrals in your community and assist you with finding the help you need.

We’re here for families in crisis, every hour of every day.

Have more questions?

In Riverside, call (951) 351-4418.

In the Coachella Valley, call (760) 343-3211.